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When it comes to estate planning one size does not fit all.  I take into account each of my client's background, wealth and family issues to create an individualized estate plan.  Services include reviewing your current legal documents and drafting new documents as are required. The documents drafted are Wills, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills and Advance Medical Directives. 

When a loved one dies clients turn to me to guide them through the Maryland estate probate administration.  I start with clear straightforward advice about the probate, time lines, taxes and ensure that you understand and perform the duties placed upon you as the Personal Representative.  Services include working with your CPA and financial advisor.   Many individuals believe they have to use the attorney who wrote the Will and that is simply not true. The Personal Representative can select whomever they want as their attorney and have the estate pay the attorney fees. 

If you are the Personal Representative you can expect many demands are going to be made on you.   Beneficiaries want their money, the government wants their taxes paid and creditors want their bills paid.  Probate services include submitting the Will, if one exists, and other needed documents with the Register of Wills.  I will have the court appoint you as Personal Representative, gather the estate's assets, notify creditors, pay the estate's debts, file an accounting with the court and distribute the Estate money and assets. This process may get more complicated if real estate has to be sold, a legal claim is pending against the estate, a beneficiary threatens to sue, or tax issues need to be addressed. 

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