I have been practicing Real Property Law since 1981 and I am also a licensed Maryland Real Estate Broker.  If you currently own real property I can assist you in re-titling your Deed as some clients wish to have names added or removed from their title.  I will provide you with the available options in writing for you to decide which changes to your Deed you can make.

Services include the handling and negotiation of the sale or purchase of residential and commercial real estate.  I also help to resolve situations that might arise between the sales contract and the closing with respect to mortgage financing, tax liens, judgment liens, title insurance and boundary/easement problems.  Services also include the review of settlement documents and HUD Settlement Sheets prior to closing.  Some clients also choose to have me at their settlement closings to provide an explanation all documents to be signed to ensure proper and efficient transfer of title.

The litigation services are for ownership disputes, dissolution of joint property and to clear defective legal title problems.  I represent only Landlords in Rent Court and in Housing Code Enforcement Court.

I also draft and review Residential and Commercial Leases.

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